About Us

In the beginning of Ronnie’s career, he traveled to work in many cities throughout the United States learning from a wide variety of well-known and respected artists. Ronnie Byerly began his professional journey into the tattoo industry in a small shop inside a mall in Aurora, CO in 2000. From Aurora, Ronnie found his way to tattooing in Houston, TX in 2002.

Through next few years, Ronnie experienced a life of adversity, as life tends to throw us several curveballs. This led Ronnie into the world of MMA. While Muay Thai absorbed most of Ronnie’s focus in the early years, Jiu-Jitsu began to absorb most of his focus into his professional MMA career.

In 2009 Ronnie became a father the same week that he sustained nearly life-ending injury that ultimately convinced him to plant permanent roots in Houston, TX. As Ronnie entered retirement, from his short professional MMA career, Ronnie took on a part-time position coaching Muay Thai at his Jiu Jitsu academy.

All along the way, Ronnie continued his tattooing career however, booth renting in the Greater Houston area started to make less sense. It was time to bring his vision of a successful, larger-scale, business operation, of his own, to life. This is when Kimura Tattoo Company was born!

The meaning behind the name: A “kimura” is a very specific arm lock in Jiu Jitsu. The word “kimura” means “land of the trees.” Ronnie’s dream tattoo business next door to his beloved Jiu Jitsu academy in the middle of the forest in beautiful Conroe, TX, seemed simply divine. Thus, Ronnie is very excited to welcome you to Kimura Tattoo Company.

Ronnie’s vision for was to bring together incredible artists and clients to create a unique experience that combines passion, talent, and art. With this vision in sight, Ronnie opened the doors to Kimura Tattoo Company in 2020.



The Kimura tattoo artists are skilled professionals who use their creativity and technical ability to create intricate and meaningful tattoos.Our artists can create a wide range of designs, from simple symbols to detailed portraits and abstract designs.



Kimura has devoted tattoo artists that are passionate individuals who take their craft seriously. They are highly skilled and constantly seeking to improve their techniques and explore new styles.



The passionate tattoo artists here at Kimura are dedicated individuals who have a deep love for their craft. They view tattooing as more than just a job, but as an art form that allows them to express their creativity and bring unique designs to life on their clients' skin.



First off since we took my 16 year old to get her belly button done I will say the environment is great! This is the tattoo shop to take your children to when needing piercings! Second I felt confident that everything was clean and sanitized! My daughter was put at ease and enjoyed the experience! Overall a wonderful experience! Thank you!!!
Tiffany Setliff
Very clean and professional shop. Came in to have Ronnie fix a tattoo I had done a couple years ago and he knocked it out of the park. There is a reason Ronnie is booked a year out! Don't believe the negative reviews from friends of one bad customer. Definitely recommend this business.
Ricky Villarreal
Ronnie and his team are outstanding. You will receive a quality tattoo that looks amazing years later. His linework is impeccable and his artistic flare is like no other.
Patsy Busshart Norris
I had been wanting to try Kimura Tattoo because I’ve known Ronnie (the owner) for years. With most tattoo shops, you don’t know what to expect when you walk in the door. I have to say this was the cleanest, most non-tacky tattoo shop I have ever stepped foot in. Cute little waiting area, nice individual stations & just a comfortable vibe all the way around. Not to mention, great artists! Thank you so much Ronnie! My simple, yet beautiful piece looks amazing & serves its purpose! I plan to be back when I have my other designs ready! Highly recommend!
Tiffany Hall